i am this person who is somewhat baka:))
well i was bored  so and this and that(cant say anything ) so i would like to tell you about my sef

name:alyssa ysabel
nickname:Aila,Ayla,flinstones,glasses girl
age:13 blood type: o
- reads shounen ai
-currently a sophomore in a christian school
-has myopia and currently wearing glasses
-likes different bands(fahrenheit,KAT-TUN,NewS,TEGOMASS,Tackey and Tsubasa,HEY!SAY!JUMP,ACID)
-write poetries
-writes lyrics for songs with out tune
-i hate the smell of durian(people say i look pale)
-hates dinuguan and puto(i know to appreciate but i dont like the taste)
-i believe in mermaids
-i am currently studiyng mandarin chinese
-i like jpop
-i dont believe people saying im pretty
-i hate math
-i like be an actress,singer
-i like to be a soldier when i was young
-i want to have an older or a twin brother
-i know beat boxing(a little)

well there i was bored so :))


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